What We Do

We combine science, technology and humanistic principles 

to promote human values, empathy and mental health.

About Us

Our Goal


We aim to illuminate and foster human values and cooperation by combining scientific, humanistic and technological approaches.

Our Approach


We connect and support scientists and innovators across nations to crack the neural code and develop solutions for human connection.

Our Hub


We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Silicon Valley, California. We collaborate closely with international partners.

Themes and Challenges

Neuroscience of Altruism


Great progress is under way on the neuroscience of altruism and empathy. Check current initiatives here

Decoding the Human Brain


Fascinating technologies and methods for inferring cognitive and emotional states are rapidly being developed

Brain-machine Interfaces


Merging brains and machines is part of an inexorable future. We need to strive for the best, ethical science and clinical outcomes

Psychology of Human Values


Progress has been made in understanding the psychology of values and its neural correlates. Effective applications are needed



Using neural information to predict complex behaviors and decisions is an exciting new frontier

Unique Psychological States


Probing the neural concomitants of unique conscious states will open new venues for human development

Brazil @ Silicon Valley Conference - Computer History Museum, April 8-9, 2019

Scients Institute and IDOR are sponsoring the first Brazil at Silicon Valley Conference. This conference will be a landmark event to help strengthen the bonds between US and Brazilian entrepreneurial, technological and scientific communities


Stanford Presence & Scients Institute Partnership

Scients Institute is an affiliate member of Stanford Medicine's Presence initiative. Together,  we will investigate the potential of neuroscience-based concepts and physiological fingerprints in promoting human values in doctor-patient interactions.